SanVed Laboratories LLP


About Us​

SanVed Laboratories has been servicing the herbal pharmaceutical and herb-based food supplements industry since inception in 2020

We are driven by the strong knowledge base that our founders have accumulated from 15 plus years of experience in herbal active design and development, herbal formulations design and development, licensing and manufacture of herbal medicines and herb-based food supplements.

At SanVed, the three Es guide the development of products and processes:
Efficacy, Ease and Economy

Our Products​

We are avant garde herbal products manufacturer that produce the most effective and trendy health solutions you are looking for.​

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines

We offer highly efficacious Ayurvedic medicines that give immediate relief for the consumer.

Herbal Dietary Supplements

We offer a wide range of innovative dietary supplements that increase the quality of life.

Customized Herbal Extracts

Our customized herbal extracts facilitate ease of consumption and wholesome of action.

The right place to get the perfect solutions for all your herbal medicines and dietary supplements requirements.​

Our Services​

Industries We Serve!​

Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Industry​

We design, develop and manufacture ayurvedic proprietary formulations for a wide variety of clinical conditions.

Herbal Dietary Supplements Industry​

We design, develop and manufacture herbal and herbomineral dietary formulations that aid a wide variety of functions.

Supplements & Nutraceuticals Industry

We develop and manufacture active ingredients for use in supplements and nutraceutical formulations.

Need To Develop Innovative Health Solutions? We Are The Experts!